Juwannamassage?  Say what? How did you come up with Juwannamassage?  Well it’s a funny story…

Once upon a time before my hands became my “moneymakers”  I wanted to be a Cedar Rapids Roller Girl.   I obsessed about it.  Spent hours “researching”  (husband humor) the subject.   Ate, slept, breathed Roller Derby.  And I even came up with the perfect  name,  which is very hard by the way!   But, I didn’t have $400  for skates and gear nor did I have the time.  Instead, I went to massage school.

What’s that got to do with Juwannamassage? The name! Oh yeah, let me come back to reality.  I am a Mom.  I have three little boys.  And if they are naughty, they get a “PowPow”(cooler word for spanking).  So the common phrase in the House of Duchesneau  is “Do you wanna Powpow?!  Quick  and affective.  Works like a charm.  That then morphed into Juwanna Pow Pow.  That was my Roller Girl Name…tear…sigh.

Sooo the name Juwannamassage?  Yeah, yeah, yeah, im getting to that!  Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  I needed a name for my Twitter account.  And my dear SonBrudder(like a son and a brother) who is totally gifted in giving nicknames and knows me enough  to see that I eat, sleep and breathe massage  gave me the name Juwanna Massage.  And here we are today (thanks JM,MP&AB).  Welcome to my Blog Juwannamassage? !

This will be the place where you will learn more about what I do, the new things that I learn and want to share. I hope that this will be a hub for information and a space where  inspiration can flow freely.

So…Juwannamassage?  I hope you say “Yes! Please.”


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