When your cup is empty…

Go get a refill!  

I liken people to vessels or cups.  We like to carry things.  And we also like to share things from our cups.  Sometimes we carry too much and our cups  get broken, and that makes it a sturuggle to give.  It’s a pretty simple concept. 

So how do I know that my cup isn’t full? 

Here are a few ways I’ve come up with to tell when your cup isn’t full.  

  • You have no patience. 
  • Everything you do feels like a struggle. 
  • You’re “Snappy”. 
  • It’s hard to give a sincere smile.

So now you know how to identify an empty cup, here are a few tips to help you keep it full.  And I suggest that you make it a priority to keep your cup filled.  You will be better for it, your kids will think you are AWESOME! ( they probably will anyway, mines love me at my “worst’)  Your coworkers will love you and think you are the best person to work with.

First and foremost…Get a Massage!!! I cannot tell you how many times I get the most Frazzeled Frazzle Head on my table.  And I give them a massage, address their aches and give them the opportunity to decompress.  And Frazzeled Frazzel Head is now Floaty McGrounderson.  They walk  out a better grounded person and they seem  like they float.  Getting a massage will ground you and make you less frazzeled. 

I recommend that on gets a massage at least once a month.  You are worth it!  So go grab your calendar and make a reoccurring appointment for yourself.  Now here is what you do in between massage sessions.

Go for a walk.  Take advantage of all the great trails you have access to.  Or just check out the hood you live in.  And if you want to make it a little challenging, learn how to walk in alignment.

Stretch.  Need I say anymore?  Just sit on your floor and stretch.  Stretching  will elongate the muscles, especially the ones we like to crunch during the week at the desk, or while we drive, or while we cook, basically while we do everything.   It’s free and you can watch TV while you do it. 

Journal.  I love to journal.  I write all my grievances and triumphs down.  It’s fun to go  back and see where you have come from and how far you have gone.

Fellowship.  Hang out with friends, ones you can connect with of course.  Make it a regular thing to do have tea, lunch, coffee, whatever you decide it’s proven to increase good moods when you have good friends around you.

And their you have it … massage+walking+stretching+journaling+friendships=cup that’s full


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