Posted in January 2013

Walking walking walk walk walk

I am always making these recommendations of self-care.  Get regular massages.  Eat a healthy diet.  Get some activity.  Find a church home or good friends you can trust.  Breath. Pray. Meditate. Sometimes when I get all caught up in whatever it is I get caught up in, I need to stop.  Collaborate. And Listen. (I … Continue reading

A little peace and quiet.

Some times we just need a little peace and quiet. There are seasons in life when we are well-balanced and then there are seasons when everything feels crazy.  It seems to me that the latter is more common.  The trend for these days is “To find Balance.”   But do we ever?  It seems to me … Continue reading

The Rose and the Thorn.

Happy New Year!!! It is now a new year and it’s time to take stock in the past year and set goals for the new one.   Last year to me felt like a flash of  lightning!  I cannot believe that it came and passed so quickly! So as I enjoy my holiday today by doing … Continue reading