The Rose and the Thorn.

Happy New Year!!! It is now a new year and it’s time to take stock in the past year and set goals for the new one.   Last year to me felt like a flash of  lightning!  I cannot believe that it came and passed so quickly!

So as I enjoy my holiday today by doing a craft project I had the idea to do 3 years ago…I ponder the past 12 months.  There are several roses and a few thorns.

Roses and Thorns are a family tradition we have in our family.  At dinner we share our high point or the Rose  and out low point or the Thorn.

It is a great way for me to keep tabs on everybody in the family as well as a great conversational starter.

As for my Roses and Thorns…  I feel like my year started off great, it had a really good pace until right at the end, which may sound bad but I feel like it was a necessary thorn to encounter in order to uncover the treasure that lay before me.  I kinda just went with the flow of everything in me crazy life, and eventually put others and or things in front of me.  Which you may be saying ” Is that a bad thing?”  And I say yes.  When I put others and or things in front, that means that I took my God out of front.  He has been my ultimate line leader.  Speaking from experience, my line leading skills are pretty pathetic.  Which is okay because the Lord is the BOMB and His grace is always sufficient.  My saying throughout the year   2012 has been to ” Flow with God’s unforced rhythms of grace.”  And of course in the end I lost sight of that and I definitely suffered.  My vision was lost, my spirit crushed and I was confused  had nothing to show for all the work I had done.  I had basically been stripped down and humbled.  The ultimate thorn.

Which brings me to the Dozen Roses.  My lil Ninos and my Big Nino have been the ultimate blessing!  My Ninos and myself have a  new-found love of Dr. Who.  Our Dr. Who time every other night has been the greatest adventure in our imaginations.  The opportunity to make my boys laugh with my goofy sense of humor is always a plus,  thank you boys for making me feel like the funniest person, when in reality I am not.  And my Big Nino, I just wanna say ” Thank you!”  He helps me to remember everything will come together even if it’s not my original plan, keeps it real and listens to my troubles and stands with me on whatever goofy idea I come up with.

My clients.  I have encountered several amazing individuals this past year.  Some pass through and some have tagged along with me for a long time.   Thank you!  Thank you for keeping me inspired and blessing me…you come to me with a need and I do my best to help.  But I just wanted to let you know that it has been a tremendous honor!  You also help me.  You help me to make goals and inspire me to achieve them.  You inspire me and challenge me to learn more and become more.  Thank you.

So for 2013 my goals are as follows…Keep God first.  Spiritual health affects your overall health.  It is all connected.

Family….Keeping what I got started going

Fun…..I use to be a crafty individual.  So I am going to rediscover that part of me…Fun also helps with wellness

Work…not going to let the “Work” part of my job get the best of me.  Continue to serve my clients out of Love.

Dr. Who…need I say more?

Enrichment….I am going to continue learn more about my trade,  narrowing down what to pursue as far as education goes.  Will keep you all posted.

2013 Uncovered New Stones…

uncovered stones


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