A little peace and quiet.

Some times we just need a little peace and quiet.

There are seasons in life when we are well-balanced and then there are seasons when everything feels crazy.  It seems to me that the latter is more common.  The trend for these days is “To find Balance.”   But do we ever?  It seems to me that once we feel like we got a handle on life, life decides to throw you another curve ball.  So through my experience I believe that in order to feel like you have some sort of balance you have to know yourself, the YOU you.

The demands of life, work and family can sometimes keep you up all night.  I can identify with my clients when they literally cannot turn their brains off.    And when that happens it takes a toll.

Sleep patterns will be off and that will leave a lack of energy for you to focus which then leaves you to be a “Crabby Patty”…and still work needs you, family needs you, but not the “Crabby Patty” you, but the YOU you.  So how do you get back the YOU you?

In order for you to get back to you is you need to first recognize that you are off-balance.  So check in with yourself.  How are you feeling? If you feel a little off, then you may need to come to the  little sanctuary I have prepared for you, the YOU you.

treatment room

Taking the time and receiving a massage regularly is a wonderful way to get back to the YOU you.  A block of time that is all about YOU!  I feel like I have prepared a safe sanctuary for my clients.  A place where they can feel free and able to turn their brain off.  Soft music, dimmed lighting, and a warm fuzzy table to be cocooned on.  How could you not turn off your brain?

I recommend that you make a date at least once a month.  And here is why.  It is so important to schedule once a month because 1: I wanna see your Purdy lil self again 🙂 and 2: You need to keep the YOU you we found.

The more time between massage sessions, the farther you get away from the progress we made at your first session.  A block of time nestled away in the warm sanctuary I prepared for you,  is time for you to check in with yourself, breath, regroup make changes and go forward.  Trust me YOU are worth it.

A little peace and quiet waits for YOU you…


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