Now I can identify with PAIN.

A lot has happened in these past few weeks…I cleaned up my diet (always a work in progress I might add) but this led me to buy my meat locally from a grass fed farm in Iowa.  Which I highly recommend because I first off scored major cool points just because it’s local and  the meat is so darn tasty!  I broke up with my scale, but I did take measurements.  I got my hip to waist ratio.  I will compare in a few days to see where I am at.  I felt that I needed to break up with the scale because it became an emotional torture device.  I’m feeling better and I look different and my clothes are fitting better.  Isn’t that all that should matter?

Then I joined my local Crossfit.  I will say that first week SUCKED!  The last time I felt like that was at volleyball camp back in 1992!  I decided to join Crossfit for several reasons.  One was to build strength and stamina.  The work I do as a massage therapist is equivalent to a construction worker, hard labor.   I love what I do and I want to practice for a good long time.  I also just wanted to try it for curiosity’s sake.  I have read about it, it’s kinda main stream now .  And you get to pick up tires, how cool is that?  I also needed to have a winter season activity to carry me through until I can put my beloved skates back on and hit the trails.

So why is this post titled ” Now I can identify with PAIN”?  Because I worked too hard?  Yep! But not what you think.  I did it not at my Crossfit, but while doing the work that I love.  I basically over did it and my poor shoulder girdle was not happy.  So basically I had 2 jammed packed days in a row.  Thankfully a snow storm left me with non-massage clients for the day, I felt fine, my shoulder was sore but nothing significant.  So as soon as I left to go home I felt it.  My shoulder just started to throb.  Like a slow downward turn to SUCK.  I immediately  scheduled a massage.  After my massage I felt better for a moment, but I knew this was gonna take a few days, because my shoulder literally flared up at me.  So I cleared my weekend.

That evening in bed I could not sleep.  I sat up and moaned like I was in labor.  I have had drug free labor and delivery and this pain in my shoulder reminded me of that.  How horrible!  I totally forgot about labor pain.  But now I know.  I have clients that experience pain like this and it was difficult to identify with them, but now I do.  And I will do my best to help.

For me it was rest, chiropractic adjustments(x2) and massage.  After massage better efforts to correct my forward head posture, stretching and mobility, more posture.  I am on the mend, with a humble respect for pain and it’s ability to render a person helpless and depressed, and an Awe for our bodies capability to heal and restore if you listen to it and get it what it needs.


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